The foundation of all man’s unhappiness here is the great disproportion between his enjoyments and his appetites. Let a man have never so much, he is still desiring something or other more. Alexander was much troubled that there were no more worlds for him to disturb; and, in this respect, every man living has a soul as great as Alexander; and put under the same circumstances would own the very same dissatisfactions. Now in spiritual natures, so much as there is of desire, so much there is also of capacity to receive. Man seems as boundless in his desires as God is in His being; and therefore nothing but God Himself can satisfy him. And then in all these worldly things that a man pursues with such eagerness, he finds not half the pleasure in the possession of them that he proposed to himself in the expectation.

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But it is not only from the declarations of the Scripture, but from the whole course of Providence, that we learn the contempt in which God holds the wisdom of the world. Who were they on whom were conferred the highest marks of distinction which ever honoured man, He singled out to be the companions of Christ, the workers of miracles, the publishers of everlasting happiness to mankind? Were they the wise men of the world, the refined, and the political, who were employed as the instruments of God on this great occasion?

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Therefore the principal work is from God. Vanity is often in Scripture used for that which is unprofitable, without any benefit or success. Hence is that phrase, To labour in vain. Oh, this is a sad thing to consider, when thou art dying, I have lived in vain, laboured in vain, thought in vain, spoke in vain; I have no true good abiding by me of all that ever I did.

  • This is one thing that makes a building pleasant, and comfortable–many and large windows.
  • Men are in a state of wilderness in the beginning.
  • It argueth a man hath more consciousness to himself that he doth not well, therefore he would not have the world know.
  • “Nearer, my God, to Thee, nearer to Thee,” will be its motto, its evolving force, its strength and glory.

A builder is one who brings together materials and adjusts them properly, in order to secure symmetry, strength, coherence, and beauty. A wise master-builder in God’s Church seeks soul after soul; its rescue from sin; so that each godly soul may take its proper place in the spiritual temple of the Lord Jesus. This process sets before us the vocation of a spiritual builder. He has two aims before him. His work is first to get hold of souls, and then, second, to fix them, as permanent parts or members of the Church of God. I. In spiritual husbandry.

What on earth so valuable as a true gospel ministry? In it you have, as a rule, the most richly cultured intellect, the highest order of genius, the most disinterested services, the most sanctified sympathies. II. Let us now consider why God should make all heavenly and earthly things for the godly. First, we need not wonder at it, if we consider that Christ Himself took our nature upon Him, and did undergo that shameful death, and those terrible conflicts with God’s wrath for His Church, He gave Himself for His Church.

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And this also doth difference Christians from all other sects in the world. All the philosophers they affected to be knowing men, not believing. Faith of assent would breed faith of fiducial adherence. Another name often attributed to Christians is saints. “The saints at Corinth,” and in many places. But the most famous and distinguishing name of the people of God is Christians.

  • From a child we must not ask sublime forgiveness of injuries.
  • What on earth so valuable as a true gospel ministry?
  • He having a greater treasure is more obnoxious to thefts and dangers.
  • First, that only is God’s work which is commanded and willed by Him.
  • Better stand at last in his full and complete salvation, than in any respect or for any length of time come short of it.
  • The accessibility of truth.

For sure, in the common law jurisdiction of the UK, a bank does not make you aware you are making a loan to it when you deposit. A bank tells you your money is safe, it does not make you aware your money is being loaned out. Contract law on bank contracts should be enforced and the Carswell Baker Bill adopted so people can lend / safe keep and transact – what more do you want from a bank. They should be like utility companies!

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Life is yours still, whatever its condition. You are not its slave because it is adverse. The man who can say, “I have learned the great secret, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content”; “I am in the hand limefx official site of God, and God is my Father”–is a king in reference to that life, and every part of it. But this empire of the man over his own life is the privilege of him alone who recognises Christ’s empire over him.

  • The earth hath God given to the children of men, but in an especial sense to the redeemed.
  • You can say that this entrepreneurial judgement was “mad”, and there’s certainly an argument for that.
  • We understand by person a distinct, subsistent, intelligent being, as distinguished from a mere property or attribute.
  • Paul might have taken a different course.

Let us look up to God. Saints, apply to Him for His influences to quicken your graces and animate you in your Christian course. Sinners, cry to Him for His grace to renew your nature and sanctify you.

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Happiness does not spring from a man’s brain, but from his heart; not from his ideas, but from his affections. It leads him to overrate the value of his attainments. He imagines that this kind of knowledge, “wisdom,” is everything for a man. Hence the enthusiastic promotion of schools and colleges.

From the import of the figure, which leads to the conclusion that the difference is rather in the mode of instruction than in the things taught. The same truth in one form is milk, in another strong meat. “Christ,” says Calvin, “is milk for babes, and strong meat for men.” Every doctrine which can be taught to theologians is taught to children.

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We teach a child that God is a Spirit, everywhere present and knowing all things, and he understands it. We tell him that Christ is God and man in two distinct natures and one person for ever. This to the child is milk, but it contains food for angels.

Not to lend if the client does not want their money lent and only to business and people that they have judiciously researched and are ahppy with as an appropriate risk. I cant see how anyone can not say that is reasonable. Tony Blair in his efforts to build Super Casinos caved into the gaming lobby and derivative lobby to make gaming contracts enforcable in law. This was a backward move. This reverting to the wisdom of the past, would ensure no bank runs are possible as the FR contract would not be enforcable in a court of law. This would ensure that the mass hoards of innocent taxpayers will not have to come to the rescue of this system.

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