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The higher the collections effectiveness index, the less effective your collections team is at getting money from customers. This could be due to a lack of communication with customers, incorrect invoicing, or simply not following up on past-due accounts.

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8 Best Human Resources KPIs to Track in 2022.

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Average Days Delinquent provides a decent snapshot of your overall collection’s performance — making it a valuable metric for those looking to gain a quick, reliable view of how their team is executing at a glance. But the upside is that this increased focus on cash has put A/R in the spotlight once more, and driven more organizations to think critically about how they measure and enable effective and productive collections. Measuring this KPI gives you a better idea where your AP processes demonstrate strength and which areas require improvement. Join Aavenir to learn how the AI-driven Invoiceflow solution can help you overcome invoice review and processing headaches, and streamline vendor communication with collaboration portals. If you are regularly needing to revise invoices, it could be an indication that your process is not effective, and may be encountering human errors or system errors in your invoicing process.

Advantages of KPIs

One of the primary leading indicators, Customer Interaction gives you an idea of the amount of time that account managers spend with their customers. Long gaps in customer interactions can be a signal of poor relationship mapping and management. To best measure this, you need to track both inbound and outbound touchpoints. Ideally, the number of times that the customer reaches out to the key account manager should be high and the resolution time should be low. This would indicate a growing trust of the client in the KAM and drive the CLV as a natural side effect. They lead to overpayments, time-consuming department hangups, and vendor relationship degradation.

accounting department kpis

This measures the percentage of credit sales that go uncollected, also known as bad debt. To calculate it, divide your company’s total bad debt by its total sales. The average days delinquent is an accounts receivables KPI that shows you the average number of days a customer takes to pay their invoice after it’s due. Your DSO is a measure of how quickly your customers are paying their bills. It’s calculated by dividing your total accounts receivable balance by your average daily sales revenue. By tracking these accounts receivable performance metrics, you will be able to identify areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions about how to improve your accounts receivable process and results. Real-life success stories from teams and businesses optimising their accounts receivables process and reducing late payments with Chaser.

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Not to be confused with invoice exceptions, these errors refer to problems in payment such as incorrect amounts or duplicate payments. Finally, this figure can be used as an accounts payable benchmark against peers in the industry, as well as a metric to monitor increases or decreases in efficiency in the future. S easy to see why tracking the right accounts payable KPIs early on is vital. Thankfully, continuous advances in technology mean that today, almost everything can be easily monitored or tracked.

What are two metrics a CFO should always monitor?

  • Quick Ratio.
  • Current Ratio.
  • Working Capital.
  • Operating Cash Flow.
  • EBITDA & EBITDA Growth.
  • Return on Equity.
  • Total-Debt-to-Equity Ratio.
  • Accounts Payable Turnover.

Record and file all documents of payments made to ensure easy retrieval thereof when required and to maintain an accurate record of transactions. Prepare and present customer business reviews, briefings, and proposals to top management and engineering team. Maintain strong knowledge of all GSI Technologies services, products, and potential applications. Develop, maintain, and execute a business plan for capturing new customers including the justification for markets and sectors, appropriate advertisements, and targeted conference venues.

KPIs Finance and Accounting Teams Must Analyze

Again, this is another area where you’re going to see massive differences between automated and manual environment. Fully-automated AP ecosystems see 15x higher invoices processed per FTE. It can be incredibly difficult to calculate a moderately accurate CPI when your processes are still largely manual, semi-invisible, and glued to accounting department kpis archaic systems of filing and communication. However, it’s in your best interest to attempt to calculate those intangibles and hidden costs. You simply take tangible costs like labor and technology and mash them together to calculate an estimate of how much each invoice costs to process based on employee time input and salary .

accounting department kpis

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