Ager’s suppliers are the one who made coconut shell charcoal briquette for commercial use in the world. They started to export it for barbecue use in Europe in 1986. They have been established as the largest and finest coconut charcoal briquette factory in Indonesia since 2005.

Since 2006, Ager is made of 100% natural material, with ash content no more than 2% which is the state of the art. Ager become mark of great quality due to caring of smallest details, finest coal perfect shisha experience with best sales on GCC. We have been working on our progress and expansion.

Ager is a premium quality charcoal product that comes from the industry’s leading manufactures. Youthful at heart, Ager is a well-established that caters customers seeking top-quality products they need, and certainly deserve.

Ager is eco friendly orderless, smokeless, testless, chemical free and much healthier than other charcoal.